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COMSovereign Holding Corp. (OTC: COMS) was formed to acquire industry-leading, disruptive, communications and power technologies as well as niche companies capable of rapid integration and expansion using such technologies. We focus primarily on businesses or products to which we can apply new and unique spectral efficiency capabilities including signal modulations, antenna, software, hardware and firmware technologies.

Empowered by the collaborative leadership of our acquired companies, we will continue to develop revolutionary products that surpass present capabilities within the telecom, satellite and power markets and build a company that can organically construct and service best-in-class communications infrastructures from the ground up.

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Industrial Goods

Aerospace/Defense Products & Services


Aircraft Manufacturing (336411)

Aircraft (3721)

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Investor Relations
Steve Gersten
T: 813-334-9745

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ComSovereign Holding Corp.
5000 Quorum Drive
STE 400
Dallas, TX 75254
T: 904-834-4400
F: 904-834-4360