Drone Aviation receives first contract award for its WASP Lite system

Drone Aviation Holding Corp. has received a contract award valued in excess of $1.1 million for its newly designed aerostat product, the WASP Lite. This is the company's first contract award for the product. 

Under the contract, which is from a U.S. Army customer, Drone Aviation will provide multiple WASP Lite aerostat systems capable of enhancing and extending the modern networked battlefield supporting specialized waveform communications equipment and day/night Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) payloads.

“We are honored to have received our first contract award for our WASP Lite system from this important customer and are privileged that both our WASP and WASP Lite systems have been selected by the U.S. Army,” says Jay Nussbaum, chairman and CEO of Drone Aviation.

“As demonstrated by first-hand customer evaluations, WASP Lite will be a critical asset on the modern, networked battlefield.”

Described as an “ultra-tactical persistent aerial asset,” the WASP Lite system is designed to be easily transportable in a series of ruggedized cases. The system can be deployed quickly to fill important capability gaps on the battlefield.

According to Drone Aviation, WASP Lite uses the proven capabilities of the company’s larger WASP tactical aerostat system incorporated into a highly mobile, minimized footprint design. A “compact, non-trailer based, persistent aerostat system,” WASP Lite can be setup and deployed just about anywhere, and can be operated while stationary, or while moving up to 40 miles per hour.

Capable of being deployed up to 1,000 feet, WASP Lite supports a variety of payloads including multiple communications waveforms, ISR and signal intelligence (SIGINT).

Drone Aviation notes that WASP Lite is the culmination of “significant product development and testing that successfully completed training and operational evaluations conducted at multiple U.S. Army bases.”

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