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Learn how Infor and Drone Aviation's Tethered Drones are Improving Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

September 1, 2017 Category: Drones, Partners, Products

There are significant economic and environmental requirements for keeping facilities operational and safe. With a drone’s ability to perform functions like perch-and-stare, video capture, and laser scanning, a drone can replace many of the dull, dirty, and dangerous functions of inspection and surveillance.

In this brief video, watch how DEAMS (Drone Enterprise Asset Management Solution), a drone technology integration with Infor EAM, can help you effectively and safely inspect assets that are inaccessible because of height, area, location, or operation—in areas such as roofs, dams and bridges, offshore rigs, rails, roadways and ongoing capital projects. Through drone inspection of remote equipment, you will be able to collect condition benchmarks, repeat measurements, condition images, and nighttime images to collect and show time-lapse conformity.

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