Watt 200

WATT 200

WATT 200

WATT 200 is designed to deliver highly effective coverage from low altitudes, providing excellent surveillance capability over a wide area. All models feature nearly unlimited flight time, 10 minute setup time, and are capable of being operated by only 1 person.

A Model for Your Mission

Single Operator Setup & Launch

Operation via GCS Web Browser

Virtually Unlimited Flight Time

Redundant Safety Features


Watt 200 Mission examples

  • News Gathering
  • Law Enforcement
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Crowd Management


Dual sensor, electro-optical, high definition military grade highly stabilized turret-style gimbaled system

Human detection range

3.2km/2mi. LWIR
4.8km/3mi. Electro-optical

Payload capacity

1.8kg/4.0 lbs.

Operating altitude max

60m / 200ft.

Flight duration

8+ hours


GPS + Vision (optional)

Deployment capabilities

Inclement weather - Rain, 20 mph winds
Follow vehicle flight mode

Time to deploy

10 minutes

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