Watt 300

WATT 300

Heavier Lift Tethered Drone

WATT 300

WATT 300 is designed as a heaver-lift tethered drone created for multi-mission requirements. Foul weather capable and with a payload lift capacity of 10 lbs., WATT 300 allows you to carry ISR and Comms payloads in winds up to 20 kts.

A Model for Your Mission

Single Operator Setup & Launch

Operation via GCS Web Browser

Virtually Unlimited Flight Time

Redundant Safety Features


Watt 300 Mission examples

  • Full ISR
  • Force Protection
  • Border Patrol
  • Crowd Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • Disaster Response


Dual sensor, EO+IR thermal military grade highly stabilized turret-style gimbaled system
HD daylight camera, MWIR optical zoom (155mm)

Human detection range

8 km/5mi

Payload capacity


Operating altitude max

150m / 500ft

Flight duration

8+ hours


GPS + Vision (optional)

Deployment capabilities

Inclement weather - Rain, 20 mph winds
Follow vehicle flight mode

Time to deploy

10 minutes

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